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This is my private site where you can browse something related on my hobby; security. I am posting some projects about malware, web security, and so on. Please enjoy.
Project List

ShinoBOT since 2012
ShinoBOT, is a RAT(Remote Access Trojan) simulator. You can remote-control your infected machine from the ShinoC2 (C&C server). You can execute any Windows commands, upload/download files, take a screen shot, everything you need to simulate an APT/targeted attack.

ShinoBOT Suite since 2014
ShinoBOT Suite, is a total malware package which contains the RAT simulator, downloader, dropper, encryptor, CandC server, decoy files, etc. All of them are customizable. You can create your own malware by ShinoBOT suite and it can be used to simulate the recent targeted attack.

ShinoLocker since 2016
ShinoLocker, is ransomware simulator. The difference between ShinoLocker and real ramsomware is that it is never ask ransom; you don't have to pay money to get the decryption key.

ShinoEncode since 2015
ShinoEncode is an encoding method used in obfuscated strings in ShinoBOT and its C2 communication, and other ShinoXXX, to evade the detection from pattern matching.

ShinoProxy since 2015
ShinoProxy, is a PHP program to redirect ShinoBOT traffic. The purpose is to evade the detection by the bad reputation (black list) of

ShinoBuilder since 2016
ShinoBuilder, allows you to customize the ShinoBOT Family's malware simulator, change the C&C URL, change the user-agent, etc. And it also use ShinoEncode to change the static string on the binary every time you create a new binary.

ShinoICS since 2016
ShinoProxy, allows you to customize the ShinoFamily's malware simulator, change the C&C URL, change the user-agent, etc.

ShinoCAPTCHA since 2016
ShinoCAPTCHA, a PHP based captcha which not required database, outbound connection, cookie.

ShinoVis Beta since 2016
ShinoVis, is a visualizer to clustering data. For example, if you have a malware list and its related C&C list of CSV, you can just copy & paste to ShinoViS to see the relation of those data.

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